Wiretap: Is Vladimir Putin at the center of the DNC email leak?

Wiretap: Is Vladimir Putin at the center of the DNC email leak?

Take a leak

It’s hardly shocking that the Democratic National Committee got Wikileaked. That’s what Wikileaks does. It’s not surprising that the leaked emails reveal some really embarrassing information. And it’s no stunner that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced out of her job. But what is astounding is that that Donald Trump’s buddy, Vladimir Putin, might very well be at the center of the whole controversy. Via The New York Times. 

Behind the curtain of the DNC

The leaked emails embarrass the Democratic Party by showing how the DNC actually works. Via The Washington Post.

Hillary’s three big hurdles this week

Clinton has at least three big challenges at the Democratic National Convention. And it won’t be easy for her to pull off any of them. Here’s why. Via The Los Angeles Times.

The white Dude HRC wanted all along

Tim Kaine may be everything that Bernie Sanders supporters don’t like about the Democratic Party, but he was Hillary Clinton’s choice all along. Via Vox.

The “responsibility gene”

Kaine is the “responsible” pick, many say. But is that such a good thing? Via The Atlantic.

Boring like a fox

Glenn Thrush: Everyone says Kaine is boring — even Kaine says he’s boring — but, in truth, he’s boring like a fox. Via Politico.

That other “Fox,” mongering fear

Roger Ailes may have been fired at the same time that Donald Trump was officially named the GOP nominee. But the convention was still very much a Fox-fest, writes The New Yorker’s David Remnick, of fear-mongering.

Fox after Ailes

Now that Ailes is out, the question is whether Fox News will remain Fox News. Via The New York Times.

Doubling down

Maybe after listening to Trump’s acceptance speech, you thought that Trump was rolling back his proposed Muslim ban. Actually, he’s expanding it. Via The Washington Post.

A sore winner

Byron York: Donald Trump won, and he just can’t get over it. Via The Washington Examiner.


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