Wiretap: Bone spurs — the ultimate sacrifice

Wiretap: Bone spurs — the ultimate sacrifice

If you’re looking for Trump’s “sacrifice,” you won’t find it in his Vietnam-era draft record. He had the five deferments – four were student deferments – and the medical deferment for bone spurs. When he couldn’t remember which foot had the spurs, the campaign settled on “both.” Via The New York Times.


Max Boot explains how Republicans always pretended to be the “stupid party,” and how eventually they came to believe it. And that’s how they ended up with Donald Trump. Via The New York Times.


Why it’s so hard for conservatives to abandon Donald Trump if it means that they’d be helping to elect Hillary Clinton. Via Vox.


Michael Gerson: It’s not too late for Republican leaders to abandon Trump, unless they truly believe in a degraded version of the American story. Via The Washington Post.


If Hillary wins, she won’t be the first American female president. Janet Rosenberg beat her by a generation. Via The New Yorker.


Ron Fournier: Why won’t Hillary Clinton stop lying? Via The Atlantic.


A Spanish-speaking, middle-aged white guy from Virginia may not have been what many Hispanic Democrats were hoping for in a vice-president. Via Politico.


The post-convention polls are starting to come in, and it looks like Trump’s convention was a loser. Via The Washington Post.


Ted Cruz is still suffering blowback from his convention speech – for conservative activists and Cruz donors. Via The National Review.


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