Wiretap: Debate prep for the masses

Wiretap: Debate prep for the masses

Do debates matter?

As we rush headlong toward tonight’s big debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – a mega-event expected to draw Super Bowl-like numbers – the question that maybe counts the most is this one: Do debates matter? History and the data say they don’t, except for the few times they might have. But, of course, what does history – or, for that matter, data – have to do with Donald Trump? Via The New York Times

A nail-biter

Nate Silver explains where the race stands on the eve of Clinton-Trump I. The poll averages have Clinton up by about two points, not so different from Obama’s lead over Romney before the debates in 2012. But Silver says Clinton’s two points aren’t as good as Obama’s. Via fivethirtyeight.com

Just the facts

Should the moderators fact-check the presidential debates? Trump says no. Clinton says yes. What would Abe Lincoln say? Via Vox.

Lessons from 2000

Remember the first Gore-Bush debate and the bridge of sighs? There’s much to learn from it for both Clinton and Trump. Via The New York Times.

Operation Unhinge-the-hedgehog

You can call it Trump vs. Clinton or the hedgehog vs. the fox. John Cassidy writes that TV favors the hedgehog, but that Clinton has a chance to fox her way to victory. Via The New Yorker.

From the advice aisle

Home Depot co-founder has three pieces of advice for Trump in order to dominate the debate stage. Via RealClearPolitics

All the lies that are fit to print

Has this ever happened before? On the same day, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and Politico all wrote pretty much the same story – calling Trump out for a day’s worth or a week’s worth of lies.

The Cruz stunner and why words no longer matter

Five reasons why Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Trump is so stunning. There are plenty more, but five seemed like enough. Via The Atlantic.

Political regrets

The writer, a dedicated lefty, explains why he didn’t vote in the ’68 election between Nixon and Humphrey and how that decision has haunted him ever since. Via Vox.

Golf’s greatest ambassador

Arnold Palmer didn’t invent golf. But he made the modern game, as seen on your television or iPhone screen, the game it is today. Via The Los Angeles Times.

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