Wiretap: Hurricane Matthew avoids a direct hit, ethics lawyers slam Trump, Fox News feud cools

Wiretap: Hurricane Matthew avoids a direct hit, ethics lawyers slam Trump, Fox News feud cools

Category 3

Hurricane Matthew traveled along Florida’s central coast last night but avoided a direct hit. The storm has weakened slightly overnight but is still a powerful Category 3 hurricane with winds of about 120 miles per hour, traveling north and causing concern along the coast. More than half a million Floridians are without power. Updates and live storm tracker via the New York Times.

Warning signs

As Floridians were being warned of the dangers presented by Hurricane Matthew, those living in Haiti, where hundreds have died, understood the warnings all too well. Via the New Yorker.

Ryan revolution

Paul Ryan makes a convincing case that, with Donald Trump as president and Republicans holding the Senate, he can put in place his Ryan Revolution. Why do so few people believe him? Via New York magazine.

Tale of two lawyers

Two ethics lawyers — one who worked for Barack Obama and one who worked for George W. Bush — wrote in the New York Times that no president would nominate anyone for any office who had said it was his “fiduciary responsibility” to pay as little in taxes as possible. Via the New York Times.

Ratings boost

Barack Obama is spending much of his time slamming Trump. What he should be doing is thanking him. Thanks to Trump, Obama’s approval ratings are higher than they’ve been since the first year of his presidency. Via Politico.

Tax man

That time when Trump went to Congress to lobby for tax breaks for real estate developers. Via the Washington Post.

Hometown hero

As you await Sunday’s debate, you might want to mull over a statistic that the latest PRRI/Atlantic poll uncovered: Those people who never left their hometown are far more inclined to vote for Trump. And, yes, those who did move away are far more inclined to vote for Clinton. Discuss. Via the Atlantic.

Conspiracy theory

At the National Review, you can read that the suggestion that the decision by the new National Museum of African American History and Culture to “disappear” Clarence Thomas means that the Smithsonian is corrupt.

Reality TV

For those who enjoy few things more than a nasty star-crossed feud at Fox News, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity say that it’s over, both having tweeted that they have made up. (Pro tip: Don’t believe it.) Via Vox.

More conspiracy

Meanwhile, Drudge was saying not to believe all the meteorologists predicting doom with Hurricane Matthew. Apparently he thinks it’s all a global warming conspiracy. Via the Washington Post.

Photo of flooding after Hurricane Katrina, NOAA, via Wikimedia Commons
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