Wiretap: Trump’s accusers, Ryan’s sinister deal and the one teen distorting national polls

Wiretap: Trump’s accusers, Ryan’s sinister deal and the one teen distorting national polls

On a rampage

Donald Trump’s busy day campaigning in Florida: He accused Paul Ryan of making a “sinister deal” with somebody, although it wasn’t clear who the somebody was. He vowed to jail not only Hillary Clinton but also Clinton’s lawyers. He also threatened to sue the New York Times. Via Politico.

Only the beginning

Aftershocks from Sunday’s Trump-Clinton debate: Two women come forward to say that Trump touched them inappropriately. Chaos ensues. Via the New York Times. Then, there’s the People magazine journalist who said Trump assaulted her. You can expect to hear from more women.

Equal opportunity

Bruni: You don’t have to be a woman, or married to a woman, or parent to a girl to be offended by Trump. Via the New York Times.

Civil war

Roger StoneThe long-anticipated GOP civil war is upon us, and it looks like Donald Trump is winning. Via CNBC.

Losing loser

Trump prepares for losing by setting up the premise that he didn’t lose at all — but that he was cheated. Via the New Yorker.

Desperate times

It may have been an act of desperation for Trump to bring Bill Clinton’s accusers to the debate Sunday night. But there was one certain winner: Roger Stone. Via New York magazine.

Plenty to go around

But there is plenty of embarrassment, or worse, to go around. Wikileaks has made another hacked email dump from the Clinton campaign, and the GOP is jumping on all the tasty bits. Via the Washington Post.

Called out

National Review says the most damaging email — if the email is, in fact, what it purports to be — is about Clinton supposedly calling for “open borders” in a Wall Street speech.

Big brother

Charles Lane: The surveillance state vs. surveillance anarchy. Via the Washington Post.

Outlier effect

For you polling geeks, this is the story of one 19-year-old from Illinois who is distorting national polling averages all by himself. Via the New York Times.

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