Northern Colorado Race Results

There are few races in Larimer, Weld, and Morgan Counties with primary challenges making what would seem to be a rather unexciting election night.

But don’t let your eyes deceive you. There’s a backstory to each of the races which bear close attention. HD-51: Disgraced Rep. Jim Welker attempted to circumvent the Assembly process by nominating McNaught as his hand-picked successor. More information here.

McNaught (R) v Marostica (R)
Jay (D) v Radke (D)

11:38 pm update – Final unofficial results
McNaught  2723 (47.72%)
Marostica  2983 (52.28%)

Jay  1071 (44.07%)
Radke  1359 (55.93%)

10:29pm update – 29 out of 31 precincts reporting
McNaught  2697 (47.87%)
Marostica  2937 (52.13%)

Jay  1061 (44.1%)
Radke  1345 (55.9%)

9:27pm update
McNaught  2573 (47.9%)
Marostica  2799 (52.1%)

Jay  1023 (44.3%)
Radke  1286 (55.7%)

8:38pm update
McNaught  2386 (48.29%)
Marostica  2555 (51.71%)

Jay  945 (43.04%)
Radke  1201 (55.96%)

8:12pm update
McNaught  2329 (43.84%)
Marostica  2489 (51.66%)

Jay  923 (43.93%)
Radke  1178 (56.07%)

7:49pm update
McNaught  1964
Marostica  2151

Jay  828
Radke  1052


Larimer County Assessor: Colorado Confidential discovered that some Assessor Office employees were writing letters to the editor without disclosing their employment and own professional stake in this race. We followed up that story with more concerns about Miller’s private enterprise conducting property tax assessment protests on a system he developed as the former assessor.

Johnson (R) v Miller (R)

11:38 PM update – Final unofficial results
Johnson 6612 (42.53%)
Miller  8934 (57.47%)

10:29 PM update – 29 out of 31 precincts reporting
Johnson 6463 (42.39%)
Miller  8785 (57.6%)

9:29 PM update
Johnson 6221 (42.36%)
Miller  8465 (57.64%)

8:38PM update
Johnson 5818 (42.22%)
Miller  7962 (57.78%)

8:12PM update
Johnson 5554 (42.12%)
Miller  7631 (57.88%)


SD-13: The Greeley Tribune notes the Colorado Christian Coalition apologized to Rep. Dale Hall for sending out a letter to Weld voters erroneously claiming that he voted for a bill that would require hospitals to dispense emergency contraception. The Tribune endorsed Hall.

Hall (R) v Renfroe (R)

10:16pm update – 100% of precincts reporting
Hall  3256
Renfroe 4584

9:26pm update
Hall  2749
Renfroe 4022

8:40pm update
Hall  2381
Renfroe 3565

8:28pm update
Hall  2261
Renfroe 3387

8:12pm update
Hall  2060
Renfroe 3073

7:22pm update
Hall  1611
Renfroe 2220


Morgan County Sheriff: The Fort Morgan Times reported on Wednesday that Republican candidate John Roth, a 72-year-old retired Colorado State Trooper, pledged to appoint Steve Wilson, his friend and a local psychotherapist, as undersheriff to help deal with an overwhelming methamphetamine problem.

Mueller (R) v Roth (R)

Final, unofficial results
Mueller 425
Roth 1,070

Results will be posted as they become available from the Clerk and Recorder’s Offices.

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