Q Poll: Obama leads by 5, Udall by 10, A46 by wide margin

Round one of Poll-a-Palooza from Quinnipiac University.

From AP:

A new poll shows Barack Obama leading John McCain among Colorado voters by 5 percentage points.

The Quinnipiac University poll shows Obama, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, with a 12 percent lead among independent voters in the state.

The poll focused on Colorado and three other states seen as battleground states this year — Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Quinnipiac poll was conducted in partnership with The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.com.

Here’s the crosstabs from the Colorado survey of 1,351 likely voters with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percent.

Presidential race

All: Obama 49 percent, McCain 44.

Independent: Obama 51 percent, McCain 39.

Female: Obama 53 percent, McCain 39.

Male: McCain 50 percent, Obama 45.

White: McCain 47 percent, Obama 46.

Hispanic: Obama 62 percent, McCain 36.

18- to 34-year-old: Obama 53 percent, McCain 45.

35- to 54-year-old: Obama 49 percent, McCain 42.

55 and older: Obama 55 percent, McCain 45.

Voters less likely to vote for McCain because of his age: 19.

Voters who say McCain’s age doesn’t matter: 78.

Voters who say Obama’s race won’t affect their vote: 91.

Top issue affecting vote

Top issue in deciding who to vote for: Economy 47 percent, war in Iraq 19, health care 10, illegal immigration 9.

U.S. Senate race

All voters: Democrat Mark Udall 48 percent, Republican Bob Schaffer 38.

Independent voters: Udall 54 percent, Schaffer 27.

Amendment 46

State constitutional amendment barring affirmative action

All voters: For 66 percent, against 15.

To which I add my standard caution: Keep in mind — with a 131 days before Election Day — anything can happen in these races.

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