On Election eve, Boyles talks to Bennet, about Voorhis conspiracy, of course

Radio weirdness this morning on Peter Boyles’ KHOW right-wing talk show. The Michael Bennet campaign called in and set up a morning get-out-the-vote interview. Boyles was shocked because he said he has been trying to land an interview with the Democratic U.S. Senator for months. It is the day before Election Day and the Colorado U.S. Senate race is one of the biggest national politics stories running from coast to coast. What does Boyles ask our U.S. Senator about? He asks him about his top hobby horse topic, of course, the dark conspiracy triangle that links Cory Voorhis and Stephanie Villefurte and Gov. Bill Ritter.

Bennet’s response was a variation of “Oh gawd. Whatever. I gotta go.”

Listen to the exchange here.

Boyles wonders why Bennet called him. Good question. The better question though is why didn’t Boyles ask him something about the senate race or Bennet’s record as a lawmaker before inevitably moving into the Voorhis vortex.

Boyles made hay out of the odd fleeting interview for the next hour or so with American Constitution Party candidate for governor Tom Tancredo, a regular Boyles guest.

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