Author : David O. Williams

More pot packaging battles loom as legislative session nears

Marijuana entrepreneur Nick Brown prefers education to regulation when it comes to the packaging, production and marketing of edible pot products so they stay out […]...

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December 4, 2014 The Mix

GOP candidates push hard for state control over federal lands

  Republicans aren’t just gunning for control of both houses of the State Legislature on Tuesday, they’d also like state government to take over millions […]...

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November 3, 2014 Environment/Energy, Politics, The Beats

Mountain GOP candidates dogged by ethics and Internet challenges

  Conservative Republicans running for the state legislature in mountain districts have faced an array of ethical and technical difficulties this campaign season, including judgment […]...

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November 3, 2014 Just In

Women’s issues experts to Udall, Gardner: That’s all you got?

Reproductive rights as an issue is a proxy for how empathic and clear-thinking the candidate is in terms of the role of women in the society. And that's not good enough....

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October 31, 2014 Civil Rights, Just In

GMO labeling tops brief list of Colorado ballot questions

  Former Colorado lawmaker and Agriculture Commissioner Don Ament understands why people want more information about the genetically engineered food products they’re eating, but he […]...

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October 24, 2014 Education, Health, Just In

Beauprez ‘gets it’ on secession, urban-rural rift, backers say

  Supporters of a secession movement approved by voters in 5 of 11 rural Colorado counties last year haven’t been feeling the love from either […]...

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October 13, 2014 Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Gun debate still reverberating in key Western Slope Senate battle

Guns and energy development dominate swing Senate District 5 race. ...

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October 2, 2014 Just In, Politics, The Beats

In Garfield County, critics say ‘local control’ will just shift more power to drillers

Residents of the second-most drilled county in Colorado warn backers of eleven “local control” ballot questions to be careful what they wish for, because oil and gas money will funnel into local races, they say, stacking county commissions and city...

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June 2, 2014 Environment/Energy, In-Depth, Politics, The Beats
Experts warn public policy must change in wake of wildfires

Experts warn public policy must change in wake of wildfires

ASPEN -- Public policy and political will must shift as dramatically as the winds that have whipped Colorado’s record wildfires, experts say, or the state’s residents will continue to pay a higher and higher price for forests that are dying due to global...

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June 28, 2012 Center Well, Environment/Energy, Politics, Top Stories
In Colorado classrooms, climate change skepticism rising like ocean levels

In Colorado classrooms, climate change skepticism rising like ocean levels

Climate change skepticism is creeping into classrooms even as advocacy groups try to broaden their reach using new-school X Games athletes to spread the message to high schools students. ...

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January 31, 2012 Center Well, Environment/Energy, Politics


Seven education storylines to watch as the Colorado General Assembly gets to work

  As Colorado lawmakers return to the Capitol on Wednesday to begin crafting education policy and setting spending priorities, they face significant budget challenges, an […]

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