Author : Tessa Cheek

#Coleg Notebook: Dr. Chaps gets results; hello budget

Dr. Chaps gets results  Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt has been all over the headlines (and the subject of Mike Littwin’s most recent column), for saying that the feticide […]...

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March 27, 2015 #coleg notebook, Just In, Uncategorized

Rep. Roupe, victim of pay inequity, gives pay commission bipartisan support

Republican state Rep. Kit Roupe was one of the most vocal opponents of continuing Colorado’s Pay Equity Commission, but not because she doubts that women too often are paid less than men. ...

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March 26, 2015 Capitol Dispatch, Civil Rights, The Mix

Standardized testing protestors’ rally cry at the Capitol: “More than a score.”

Bundled children held signs that bent in the the blowing sleet. They read: “Testing ≠ Teaching,” “School zone … No PARCCing,” “Have you freed a teacher today?” and the Twitter hashtag eponymous, “More than a score.”...

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March 26, 2015 Education

#Coleg Notebook: Funding the felony DUI, and voting on pot taxes (again)

Funding the felony DUI  With only $5 million in new spending available to each legislative chamber because of this year’s expected TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of […]...

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March 26, 2015 #coleg notebook, Just In, Uncategorized

#Coleg Notebook: Massaging the budget, smoking what’s left

The budget looms Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp, D-Arvada, has a bill, stuck in the appropriations committee, designed to fund a statewide, high-tech fire-and-flood-prediction system. It will […]...

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March 25, 2015 #coleg notebook, Just In, Uncategorized

Proposed mascot ban touches racial nerve at Capitol

On Monday, a lawmaker projected racist mascots on the walls of the Statehouse’s largest committee room to make a point about hate speech. “Would we […]...

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March 24, 2015 Politics, The Beats, The Mix

#Coleg Notebook: Debating guns, schools and race

Private education tax credit launches a flurry of education amendments For years, Senate Republicans have been trying to pass a tax credit for private K-12 […]...

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March 24, 2015 #coleg notebook, Just In, Uncategorized

Under threat: Lawmakers work to end digital harassment

Lawmakers and their families face frequent threats; death and rape top the list. Former state lawmaker Amy Stephens, R-Monument, knows this well. In 2011, when […]...

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March 24, 2015 Capitol Dispatch, Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix, Uncategorized

Newsmaker Q&A: Rep. Dan Thurlow, voting his conscience and taking the heat

Freshman lawmaker Rep. Dan Thurlow, a Republican from Grand Junction, has been making a lot of headlines lately for voting with Democrats. He ran afoul […]...

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March 24, 2015 #coleg notebook, Just In, The Mix

#Coleg Notebook: Maximum fight for minimum wage

Minimum wage comes to the Capitol   Advocates for raising the minimum wage to at least $12.50 an hour rallied on the Capitol steps today in […]...

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March 23, 2015 #coleg notebook, Just In, Uncategorized


Video: Why Colo hasn’t elected a female governor or U.S. senator

The Colorado Independent hosted Talking Colorado Women in Politics, March 4, 2015, at The Mercury Cafe.

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News Poem: #15

Breathless, we are auspicious / food for another god. I assure you.

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