Civil Rights:

Wiretap: Utilities hate your rooftop solar panels, of course

What's the fuss? This: If 10 percent of the energy market were to go to rooftop solar, utility earnings could take as much as a 40 percent hit....

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September 30, 2014 Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Supreme Court to begin reviewing gay marriage cases

Many believe Kitchen v. Herbert, the case that overturned Utah's gay marriage ban, will be among the most-compelling to the justices. ...

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September 29, 2014 Civil Rights, LGBTQ, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Littwin: Don’t know much about AP history

  Don’t know much about history. — the late, great Sam Cooke Don’t know much about AP history. — the not-quite-so-great Julie Williams As you […]...

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September 26, 2014 Civil Rights, Elections 2014, Littwin, Littwin Columns, Politics, The Beats

JeffCo students walk out, join in battle over proposed curriculum reform

  A student-walkout movement that started small yesterday, with dozens of Evergreen High School initiating the action, has spread today, with reports that hundreds of […]...

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September 23, 2014 Civil Rights

Excessive-force trial throws spotlight on notorious Denver jail

For more than four years, Denver’s official story on Marvin Booker has been that he died of natural causes, coincidentally while under a pile of deputies who had handcuffed, nunchucked, choked and Tasered him....

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September 22, 2014 Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, The Beats, The Mix

The news from Jefferson City, watch for it in a next-round Colorado political ad

  The statehouse in Jefferson City, Missouri, is a straight shot on I70 across Kansas from the statehouse in Denver, Colorado. It’s hundreds of miles […]...

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September 11, 2014 Civil Rights, Elections 2014, Health, Just In: Elections 2014, Politics, The Beats

Udall campaign pivots to NSA and privacy

  Remember a few weeks ago when we considered how little online privacy was coming up in the hot, heavy and increasingly nasty U.S. Senate race […]...

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August 28, 2014 Civil Rights, Just In: Elections 2014, Political Ad Watch, Politics, The Beats

Evangelicals push from the right for immigration reform with ‘The Stranger’ documentary

Generally conservative Catholic and Evangelical groups may have more success persuading Republican voters and politicians to take another look at immigration reform....

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August 27, 2014 Civil Rights, Immigration, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Littwin: Death penalty politics, gutsy and easy

  THE death penalty story is back. John Hickenlooper and Complete Colorado joined forces — sort of — to once again put the issue front […]...

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August 26, 2014 Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Elections 2014, Littwin, Littwin Columns, Politics, The Beats

Oklahoma sued over botched execution

  Oklahoma state officials need to stop shrouding information about its executions, according to a lawsuit filed today. The suit, filed by The Oklahoma Observer […]...

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August 25, 2014 Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, The Mix, Uncategorized

Climate paradox: More snow, less water?

Juggling Colorado’s already stretched water resources is going to get even tougher in the decades ahead.

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Mike Keefe’s animal magnetism

The Colorado Independent and Beacon Reader have joined forces to help bring Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Mike Keefe’s work back to Colorado readers on a weekly basis.

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Watch: Pulitzer-winning Mike Keefe talks cartooning, independent media

Mike Keefe has been a Colorado editorial cartoonist for three decades. He left the downsizing Denver Post in 2011, the year after he won a Pulitzer prize, and now he’s working with the Colorado Independent. Join our virtual event.

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