Tensions bubble between kombucha brewers and feds

Last week, Congressman Jared Polis wrote the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau telling the agency to back off from sending threatening letters to […]...

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September 23, 2015 Health, Just In, The Mix

GOP Debate: What candidates said about Colorado and marijuana

Colorado won’t be picking a Republican presidential candidate at its caucus next year, but that didn’t stop a handful of the party’s White House hopefuls from picking […]...

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September 17, 2015 Health, Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Missing sidewalks, dangerous intersections make Front Range public transit unsafe

What good is a $4.7 billion transit system in Colorado if passengers can’t reach their bus stops and light rail stations safely? In many areas […]...

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September 10, 2015 Civil Rights, Health, In-Depth, Just In, The Mix

Denver official slams public pot as activists take issue off November ballot

Save that fat blunt for a little while longer. Restaurants and bars that would allow patrons to smoke marijuana on their premises won’t be doing […]...

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September 4, 2015 Health, Just In, The Beats, The Mix

No sparkly smiles for Denver’s anti-fluoride activists

Libertarians, anti-communists and holistic dentists alike have formed an unlikely team to take a gulp at one of Denver’s lesser chewed on policy issues: fluoride […]...

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August 27, 2015 Health, Just In, The Mix

Veterans and abuse survivors sue Colorado for banning marijuana in PTSD treatement

When the Colorado Board of Health voted against adding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana last month, a core […]...

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August 27, 2015 Health, Just In, The Mix, Uncategorized

Melodrama vs. satire in the video debate over abortion

Both pro-abortion rights and anti-abortion activists have taken to the Internet to argue their positions using video. NARAL has released a spot featuring comedians Aparna […]...

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August 13, 2015 Health, Just In, The Mix, Uncategorized

Will smoking pot at a bar soon be legal in Denver?

Lighting up a doobie on a bar’s enclosed patio? Enjoying a pot brownie at an art opening? It’s against the law now, but supporters of a […]...

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August 11, 2015 Health, Just In, The Mix

Nothing illegal: See raw footage from antiabortion attack on Denver’s Planned Parenthood

The antiabortion group that’s behind the sting videos targeting Planned Parenthood on Friday released raw footage from its undercover foray into a Denver clinic. The edited […]...

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August 4, 2015 Health, Just In, The Mix, Uncategorized

New investigation: VA hospital’s “chaotic care” failed to save Vietnam veteran

A Vietnam veteran who died late last year of severe liver disease complications was a victim of substandard care at the Grand Junction Veterans Affairs […]...

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August 4, 2015 Health, In-Depth, Just In, The Mix


Meet Denver’s district attorney candidates

Local elections don’t always get much attention – especially a year out. But the race for the Denver district attorney is different. The office has […]

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