Criminal Justice:

Suspension upheld in Denver excessive force case

The Denver sheriff’s deputy who slammed a prisoner into a courtroom wall without provocation has lost his appeal of his 30-day suspension. A ruling released […]...

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April 8, 2014 Big Media, Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Just In

Oklahoma to use secretly-sourced, experimental lethal injections in spite of court ruling

Oklahoma revealed plans Tuesday to use an experimental mix of lethal injections from a secret source to execute two men later this month. Despite a ruling that secrecy around Oklahoma’s purchases of lethal injections is unconstitutional, the state’s attorney general’s...

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April 2, 2014 Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Just In

House passes budget; Senate passes recall election reform and voter fraud legislation

Notes from the 80th day of the 2014 legislative session ...

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March 28, 2014 Capitol Notebook, Criminal Justice, Education, Just In, Politics, State Budget, Uncategorized

Oklahoma Judge: Lethal injection secrecy law is unconstitutional

Exhibits in Wednesday’s proceedings included documents from an exposé by Katie Fretland published last week in The Colorado Independent. Emails in the document referred to problems obtaining lethal injection drugs, which have been yanked off the market by drug companies...

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March 26, 2014 Criminal Justice, Just In

Democracy Now! and Susan Greene on Oklahoma’s ‘Team Pentobarbital’

Colorado Independent Editor Susan Greene appeared on DemocracyNow to talk about the scramble in Oklahoma reported by the Independent this week to find drugs to conduct prisoner executions. ...

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March 20, 2014 Criminal Justice, The Beats

Colorado lawmakers take aim at booming mugshot-peddling industry

At least 80 websites across the country post mugshots and charge on average $400 to take them down. That means someone could be shelling out $32,000 to insure that a mugshot isn't the first thing a potential employer sees when...

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March 20, 2014 Criminal Justice, Politics, Uncategorized

Keeping police officers trained and trains running across southern Colorado

Notes from the 71st day of the 2014 legislative session. ...

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March 19, 2014 Criminal Justice, Health, Just In, Politics, State Budget

Records show Oklahoma officials wanted perks for helping Texas in search for scarce lethal injections

Oklahoma announced that a secret deal to buy drugs to carry out two executions fell through, highlighting a shadowy market for death penalty 'cocktails' and raising questions about capital punishment and public accountability....

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March 18, 2014 Criminal Justice, Dig In, The Beats

Watch: Discussing the Death Penalty in Colorado

Last Thursday night, Colorado Independent editor Susan Greene spoke with four panelists who have personal and professional experience with the death penalty. The forum was part of a monthly series of public discussions hosted by The Colorado Independent. ...

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March 4, 2014 Criminal Justice, Just In, Politics

The Box: An animated short on teenagers in solitary confinement

"It didn't hit me until we started going across that bridge to Rikers Island. Soon as we started going across that bridge, I was like: What did I get myself into? I'm really going to Rikers Island."...

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March 3, 2014 Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Just In, Politics, The Beats


Hick leads; Udall, Gardner tied. Haven’t we heard this all before?

The latest Colorado polls are out (more to come Thursday), and they look a lot like the last round of polls: John Hickenlooper has opened […]

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