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Wiretap: Courts duel in Obamacare rulings

  The D.C. Circuit delivered what Megan McArdle called a “body blow” to Obamacare. It could even be worse than that. The court, in a […]...

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July 23, 2014 Just In

Wiretap: No legislative detour for local control of fracking

  Eli Stokols reports that John Hickenlooper will announce today that he has given up on his bid to call a special session of the […]...

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July 16, 2014 Just In

Littwin: We’ll be right with you, Mr. President

  IF it’s true that 90 percent of life is showing up, then Mark Udall, John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff have a problem. Sometimes, there […]...

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July 8, 2014 Littwin Columns, Politics, The Beats

Wiretap: Letting the highways crumble

It will cost a few hundred thousand jobs, hurt the infrastructure and stall the economy, because we can't increase the gas tax....

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July 4, 2014 Environment/Energy, Health, Just In, Politics, The Beats

Littwin: Gardner in Hobby Lobby land

There seems to be some disagreement about how the Hobby Lobby ruling will play out politically on the national stage. There's no question how it will play out politically in Colorado....

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July 1, 2014 Civil Rights, Health, Littwin Columns, Politics, The Beats

Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision knocks up Colorado politics

Reactions in Colorado were nearly immediate and came from both politicians and advocacy groups, who all see the decision throwing added fuel on the already-hot topic of womens' health in the upcoming election. ...

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June 30, 2014 Health, Just In

Wiretap: House Republicans determined to keep losing and losing on gay rights

How will they react to a rule set to come today from the labor department stating that any employee can take leave from work to care for a same-sex spouse no matter whether or not they "live in a state...

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June 20, 2014 Civil Rights, Health, Just In, LGBTQ, Politics, The Beats

Wiretap: Cliven Bundy and the cop killers

“[Bundy] put our people in grave danger by calling in armed civilians from around the country, and that’s not okay.”...

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June 9, 2014 Civil Rights, Just In, Politics, The Beats

Wiretap: Percentage of Americans without health insurance way down

"Thanks Obamacare!" It may remain a political hot potato -- forever -- but the controversial law appears to be doing exactly what it was intended to do. ...

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June 5, 2014 Environment/Energy, Health, Just In, Politics, The Beats

Wiretap: Spurred by shootings, California lawmakers introduce gun control bill

The legislation "would create a gun violence restraining order, establishing a system where concerned family members and others notify law enforcement of someone demonstrating propensity to commit violence."...

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May 29, 2014 Elections 2014, Environment/Energy, Health, Just In, Politics, The Beats


Chris Christie in Colorado to campaign for Bob Beauprez

  DENVER — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took a tour of downtown Denver today with Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez.  The pair stopped off at […]

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News Poem: ‘Belongings’

A two-year-old child survived by clinging to a ladder.

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‘It ain’t Latin’: A news-stained poetry happening

Where are poetry and journalism coming together today? Right here at the Colorado Independent and live in Denver, July 26 at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop.

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"Summer Is..." installation outside Denver Art Museum
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Car was #2
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Car wash #1
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"Stillness before the storm," by Miles Moffeit
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