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As seen on TV: Super PAC spending in the Colorado governor’s race

Two Super PACs will advertise heavily on TV in support of Democratic candidates for governor Cary Kennedy and Mike Johnston in the month before the […]...

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May 14, 2018 2018 Governor Race, All stories, Just In, Politics, The Beats

Lawmakers — again — consider subjecting Colorado’s judicial branch to open records laws

For the third consecutive year, a committee of lawmakers discussed whether the administrative records of the state’s judicial branch should be subject to the Colorado […]...

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March 9, 2018 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Blogs, The Mix

Indy takes fight over Brauchler’s office misconduct files to Supreme Court

The Colorado Independent has turned to the state Supreme Court for help in our fight to unseal records about prosecutorial misconduct in a death penalty […]...

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February 1, 2018 Criminal Justice, Greene, In-Depth, Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Blogs, The Mix

Should judges in Colorado be able to seal criminal court records without a uniform standard on secrecy?

In a terse letter, a committee of the Colorado Supreme Court has rejected CFOIC’s call for a uniform standard for sealing court files in criminal […]...

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December 13, 2017 Criminal Justice, Just In, The Beats, The Blogs, The Mix, Uncategorized

Colorado #OpenGov group to Aurora theater shooter: Tell us how much we spent on you

Nearly two years after a jury convicted James Holmes of murdering 12 people and wounding 70 others at an Aurora movie theater, Colorado taxpayers still […]...

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June 8, 2017 Just In, The Beats, The Blogs, The Mix

Could more transparency come to Colorado this year?

  Colorado’s Open Records Act is an old law with some outdated provisions in it. Last year, state legislation failed that would help align the […]...

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February 3, 2017 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Blogs, The Mix, Uncategorized

One in four Colorado school districts are violating state transparency law

Only 57 percent of Colorado school districts fully comply with a state transparency law, independent watchdog group Colorado Ethics Watch has found. The group examined […]...

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September 19, 2016 Education, Just In, The Mix

Littwin on Loogie-gate: Clinton’s pneumonia and Trump’s own strain of phlegm

So, like, what were the chances? Donald Trump and his team – old Rudy at the barking front of the pack – kept insisting, with […]...

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September 13, 2016 Just In, Littwin, Littwin Columns, The Mix

Independent Ethics Commission shuts down public livestream of meeting

The conflict over a lack of transparency at Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission came to a head Thursday when Colorado Ethics Watch set up a live […]...

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June 30, 2016 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Cloudy conditions for Sunshine Week: A pile of paper instead of a spreadsheet

For an ongoing series on race in Colorado, Rocky Mountain PBS investigative reporter Katie Wilcox requested five years of records from six cities on when […]...

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March 15, 2016 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Just In

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Indy Editor Susan Greene on surviving Colorado’s news apocalypse

Journalism in Colorado is under siege. And headlines keep coming about censorship, layoffs and protests in local newsrooms. Join Colorado Independent Editor Susan Greene at the […]

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Carbon monoxide leak at Aloft Hotel sent 18 people to hospital

Eighteen people were given emergency treatment Tuesday after a carbon monoxide leak at the Aloft Hotel near Denver International Airport. Aurora Fire Rescue evacuated the […]

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