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Dueling proposals to fix Colorado’s roads could collide on your Nov. 6 ballot

Two competing plans to pay for road repairs and transportation projects in Colorado are racing for a spot on November’s statewide ballot. That means voters […]...

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May 18, 2018 Just In, Politics, The Mix

A 2018 legislative session marked by financial challenges amid revenue surplus, sexual harassment scandals

It was a sprint finish to the 2018 legislative session; as lawmakers on the House floor played jeopardy and tossed yo-yos, others were pacing between […]...

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May 10, 2018 Colorado state legislature 2018, Just In

Colorado lawmakers reach deal on transportation funding

This story was updated on Tuesday to indicate the Senate and the House formally agreed on a transportation spending plan.  The House and Senate reached […]...

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May 7, 2018 Colorado state legislature 2018, Just In, The Mix

House Democrats plan to nix bonding measure from Senate’s transportation bill

House Democrats rejected a Republican-backed plan to use bonding to help pay for the state’s ailing transportation infrastructure when they announced a funding proposal on […]...

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May 1, 2018 Colorado state legislature 2018, Just In, The Mix

Colorado state budget clears conference committee, but disagreement remains over how to spend some of the money

This story was updated on May 1 to state that Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the state budget into law.  Lobbyists, politicos, aides and interns filled […]...

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April 11, 2018 Colorado state legislature 2018, Just In, The Mix

Senate Dems back transportation bill that lets voters decide how they want to pay for backlog of projects

After a scramble on the Senate floor late Wednesday night, lawmakers reached an agreement on a top priority transportation funding bill. Prior to the changes, […]...

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March 22, 2018 Colorado state legislature 2018, Just In

Sunny forecast a boon for state budget, but long-term outlook uncertain, state economists warn

Consumer spending is up. Businesses are investing more. The economy is hot, state economists say — but now they’re warning it may overheat. The strong […]...

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March 19, 2018 Colorado state legislature 2018, Just In, The Mix

Proposed sales tax increase could boost funding for transportation projects

A coalition of local leaders backed by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce wants voters to approve a sales tax increase on the November ballot […]...

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February 22, 2018 Just In

Taxpayers may get ultimate TABOR representation

The Taxpayers Bill of Rights is many things. It gives voters the right to approve tax increases yet sometimes requires them to approve the same tax, […]...

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April 28, 2015 Capitol Dispatch, Just In, The Mix, Uncategorized
Lamborn oil shale bill seen by Boehner as possible transportation funding fix

Lamborn oil shale bill seen by Boehner as possible transportation funding fix

Republican Doug Lamborn’s bill to speed up oil shale production in western Colorado has been packaged with House Speaker John Boehner’s American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act (HR 7) as a means of funding the nation’s crumbling transportation infrastructure....

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November 18, 2011 Center Well, Politics

Just In

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Indy Editor Susan Greene on surviving Colorado’s news apocalypse

Journalism in Colorado is under siege. And headlines keep coming about censorship, layoffs and protests in local newsrooms. Join Colorado Independent Editor Susan Greene at the […]

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Highlights from those panels on how to save The Denver Post. Now what?

Last Tuesday— and again on Thursday— people packed into The Denver Press Club to engage with a town-hall-slash-panel discussion largely focused on what readers can or should do about […]

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