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Jeff Sessions promotes “law and order,” condemns Colorado sanctuary cities during Denver visit

It cannot be acceptable in the United States, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday in Denver, that an undocumented person can cross the U.S.-Mexico border […]...

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June 8, 2018 Criminal Justice, Immigration, Just In, Politics, The Mix

Ethics complaints on two lawmakers moves forward

Two ethics complaints against state lawmakers moved forward on Monday, one to a formal hearing and a second to another round in September. The Colorado […]...

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July 25, 2017 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Former U.S. drug czar Bennett: Colorado will come to regret legalizing marijuana

Those who oppose the legalization of marijuana are losing the battle, says the nation’s first drug czar, William Bennett, who served in that capacity under […]...

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July 24, 2017 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Colorado lawmaker facing ethics complaint

Colorado’s ethics watchdog has decided to proceed with a complaint against Republican Rep. Kim Ransom of Lone Tree for allegedly violating the state’s ban on gifts […]...

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January 25, 2017 Capitol Dispatch, Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Western Conservative Summit Day 2: How the hell does Trump win Colorado?

  DENVER — Strolling through the maze of vendors at the Western Conservative Summit— billed as the largest gathering of conservatives outside Washington, D.C.— is a […]...

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July 3, 2016 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Blogs, The Mix

Colorado GOP chair: Closing in on whoever sent unauthorized #NeverTrump tweet

  DENVER — Colorado GOP chairman Steve House says he is closer to unmasking whoever used the party’s official Twitter account to tweet “We did it. #NeverTrump” on […]...

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July 2, 2016 Just In, Politics, The Blogs, The Mix

In Colorado, unimpressive turnout for Trump

The Donald spoke to a near half-empty ballroom Friday during the keynote event of the Western Conservative Summit. While the audience at points cheered Trump’s […]...

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July 2, 2016 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Littwin: In Colorado, speechgoers got full-on Trump

There are two kinds of Trump speeches. There’s the teleprompter, sort-of-on-message, actually-has-a-topic-line speech, and there’s the unscripted, off-topic, meandering, no-message-whatsoever, let-Trump-be-Trump speech. If you watched […]...

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July 1, 2016 Just In, Littwin, Littwin Columns, Politics, The Beats, The Blogs, The Mix

In Civic Park, progressive groups offer community as an antidote to Trump

Progressive groups came together Friday morning to offer Coloradans a hopeful, peaceful alternative to the divisiveness and negativity they see in Donald Trump. Led by […]...

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July 1, 2016 Just In, The Mix

Coloradans will soon be sick of Trump winning, says Trump

Get ready, Coloradans: Soon you’ll be calling your lawmakers to ask Trump to stop winning so much. That, of course, is according to The Donald […]...

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July 1, 2016 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

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7/20/18 The Red Tent

Red Tent Bazaar Fundraiser for The Colorado Independent Wear red and join us for a night of drinks, music, dancing and laughter to benefit The […]

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How much each candidate for governor raised from inside Colorado in 8 charts

It’s time to take another look at where gubernatorial donors are coming from— in terms of geography at least. We examined this topic last month, […]

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