Who’s funding Walker Stapleton’s campaign?

Contributions to campaign*: About $1 million. Of that, Stapleton has donated about $265,000 to his own campaign, which represents nearly one third of his direct campaign donations.

Balance after expenses: $874,650

Contributions to independent expenditure committee on behalf of candidate: 

$781,200 — Better Colorado Now. The largest donors to Better Colorado Now include:

Gregg Engles ($50,000). Engles is CEO of WhiteWave Foods, and is known for being the businessman behind the creation of the largest milk bottler in the nation, Dean Foods. In 2014, Engles donated $1,100 to Hickenlooper’s campaign.
August Busch III ($27,250). Busch III is the former chairman of Anheuser-Busch and great-grandson of its founder.
Greg Stevinson ($25,000), developer 
Gregory Maffei ($25,000), president and CEO of Liberty Media
William Dewitt Jr. ($25,000), chairman of the St. Louis Cardinals

Others donors to Better Colorado Now include billionaire Phil Anschutz, owner of Anschutz Corp.;billionaire John C. Malone, chairman and majority owner of Liberty Media Group; Tad Herz, executive vice-president and CEO of Fourpoint Energy; George Solich, CEO of Fourpoint Energy; and John Elway, who donated $10,000.

General donor profile

Total raised from large contributors ($1,000 to the maximum allowable $1,150)573 of the 1,083 donations to Stapleton’s campaign were $1,000 or more. These donations amount to $908,872.87 – or 88.8 percent of total contributions. However, this includes the money Stapleton gave to his own campaign. Among these large donors were Phil Anschutz. 

Total raised from out-of-state contributors: 377 of the 1,083 donations to Stapleton’s campaign came from out of state. These donations amount to $317,915 – or about 31 percent – of Stapleton’s campaign contributions.

Top sectors associated with donors:

Financial/Investment: $114,265 from 144 donations

Real estate: $81,181 from 103 donations

General business: $43,435 from 51 donations

Companies with greatest number of donors and/or donations: 

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck: $4,600 from 5 donations
Milender White: $4,300 from 4 donations
Fourpoint Energy: $3,450 from 4 donations
Denver Health: $3,450 from 3 donations

Top families that gave the most donations:

The Bush family: Former U.S. presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Jeb Bush, Columba Bush, etc. collectively donated $14,650 directly to Stapleton’s campaign. Jonathan Bush Jr. donated $10,000 to Better Colorado Now. Jeb Bush also donated $1,000 to Better Colorado Now.

The Coors family: Peter, Meredith, Pete, Darden, Jeffrey and Lis. Collectively donated $6,850 directly to Stapleton’s campaign. Meredith Coors also donated $5,000 to Better Colorado Now.

The Leede family: Michael, Teresa, John and Diane. Collectively donated $4,600 directly to Stapleton’s campaign. Michael Leede also donated $10,000 to Better Colorado Now.

The Anschutz family: Nancy, Philip and Elizabeth. Collectively donated $3,450 directly to Stapleton’s campaign. Elizabeth Anschutz also donated $10,000 to Better Colorado Now.

Data compiled by Joey Getty from Jan. 16, 2018 campaign disclosure statements, which cover the last quarter of 2017 and are the most recent candidate filings with the Colorado Secretary of State. The next filing deadline is May 7. 
**Independent expenditure committees can accept unlimited contributions, but how such committees spend that money cannot be controlled or coordinated by the candidate.

The research on the donations to the major candidates for governor of Colorado from both parties was conducted by graduate students in the precision journalism class at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The instructor is Burt Hubbard, former database reporter for the Rocky
Mountain News, Denver Post and Rocky Mountain PBS. The students providing the research are: Giselle Cesin, Amanda Clark, Crystal Eilerman, Joseph Getty, Anne Henning, Rey-Lynn Little, Shannon Mullane, Heather Sackett and Jentry Womack.

 Photo courtesy of the Stapleton campaign

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