Wiretap: Gardner’s Capitol Hill Obamacare-derangement episode

Wiretap: Gardner’s Capitol Hill Obamacare-derangement episode

Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner gets himself in front of the nation’s cameras — and does a giant pratfall. In the Obamacare hearings, Gardner decides to grill HHS Secretary Kathy Sebelius on the Brosurance kegger ad, which Sebelius, of course, has absolutely nothing do with. The Atlantic calls him a Frat Guy. The Washington Post calls the line of questioning plain old weird.

Frat Guy Gardner embarrasses himself in front of CSPAN audience. Via The Atlantic.

From Brosurance to tricycles. The GOP (and our own Cory Gardner) go weird.

Obama sinks to new low in NBC/WSJ poll. Republicans, though, much much lower. Via FirstRead.

What Obama got wrong about health care. Via Amy Davidson at the New Yorker.

Obama defends Obamacare as the question becomes do you want a Ford or a Ferrari. Via the Daily Beast.

The YouGov Brand Index measures what brands appeal to Republicans, Democrats and Independents. One party likes Google. The other doesn’t. Got a guess?

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  1. Willis Morrison on said:

    Would those of you who voted for this little pipsqueak STOP IT? He is nothing but a damned embarrassment to this state. We have FAR better people than this MORON to put in office. You know, someone who won’t EMBARRASS the damned state every time he turns up and opens his face.

    This schmuck needs to be returned to the state and NEVER put in public office again. Come on, Colorado, we can do FAR, FAR better than this little jerk. Let’s try.

  2. RustyCannon on said:

    Gardner was featured on the Daily Show and was singled out and dressed-down for his adolescent behavior by Melissa Harris-Perry yesterday morning on national TV. If I lived in Iowa, I would be wondering if Colorado was competing with Texas and Minnesota for craziest congress critter. Gardner is obviously spending too much time with Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann. Does he really think that he can continue to tout fiction as fact and fool enough voters in CD-4 to win re-election? Vic Meyers is a smart, hard working, pragmatist and I believe a far more viable candidate than our current representative who is obviously part of the problem in congress and not part of any solutions.

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