Wiretap: Minimum wage hike popular with public, good for economy, likely dead in Congress

Wiretap: Minimum wage hike popular with public, good for economy, likely dead in Congress

According to a National Journal poll, Americans overwhelmingly (71 percent) want a hike in the minimum wage. According to a Washington Post/ABC poll, Americans think the minimum wage should be raised to $10.25 and largely (64 percent) think federal-government policies favor the wealthy. Barack Obama is calling for a minimum wage hike to $10.10. What do you think Congress will do? OK, you know what Congress will do — nothing.

In Washington Post/ABC poll, 57 percent would support policies to reduce income inequality.

In National Journal poll, only 28 percent think minimum wage hike would hurt the economy.

What Obama can do to save his second term. (Hint: remember jobs?) Via American Prospect.

Yes, Obama’s poll numbers are terrible, but is he really as bad as Bush or Nixon. (Hint: No.) Via the Week.

Judge Leon vs. the NSA. The Domino’s hypothetical. Via Amy Davidson at the New Yorker.

Washington is so broken that not even Elizabeth Warren can do anything about it. Via the Washington Post.

Wind is now the least expensive source of power in Iowa. Turbine prices have fallen 26 percent worldwide since the first half of 2009. So Warren Buffet’s utility company, MidAmerican Energy Holdings, has bought $1 billion worth of turbines to set up in the famously practical presidential caucus state. Bloomberg.

Why other countries teach better: It probably has nothing to do with testing. Via New York Times.

So, it’s not getting warmer out there? Tell it to November (the warmest since we’ve been keeping track). Via the Atlantic.

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