Wiretap: Stagnant class mobility; gun-scared Castle Rock employees

Wiretap: Stagnant class mobility; gun-scared Castle Rock employees

Bad news for the American dream. According to a study by leading economists, mobility hasn’t changed over the last 50 years. It was difficult to move up the ladder 50 years ago. And it’s just as difficult to move up now. The study says mobility isn’t declining — as many had feared — but that it’s stuck in the same place. If you’re looking for an explanation of economic inequality, look no further.

If you’re looking for the American Dream, you can find it. Say in Denmark. Or Canada. Via the Washington Post.

As Colorado gun-law recall madness was hitting full-tilt last June, Castle Rock Mayor Paul Donahue, managing partner of Centennial Gun Club, asked the town council to repeal a ban on carrying guns openly in public buildings and parks. The Castle Rock Safety Commission voted against the repeal. A survey of town employees found 95 percent of them opposed the repeal. But the Castle Rock Council voted for repeal, four votes to three. In the wake of that vote, “many, if not all,” members of the town’s Planning Commission, which hosts occasionally heated debate over zoning and what have you and includes volunteer members of the public, are planing to resign. They don’t feel safe. Raw Story has round up the local news reports.

Democrats at the legislature hoping state money can do something about shortage of affordable housing. Something needs to be done about a problem that keeps getting worse. Via Fox 31.

Robert Reich says David Brooks has got it all wrong about why the poor are poor. Via Salon.

Contrary to Obama speech, a watchdog report says NSA program is illegal and should end. Via New York Times.

Don’t laugh, but it’s possible that with Chris Christie’s issues, Rand Paul is now the Republican front-runner. Peter Beinart seems to think so, anyway. Via the Atlantic.

John Dickerson sees Obama as The Inaction Hero, worn down by the fight. Via Slate.

The parents who don’t let their kids test. It’s a different kind of defiance. Via the New Yorker. (The photo, by the way, is by the Denver Post’s own brilliant Craig Walker.)

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