Wiretap: Never mind the Iraq vets, it’s time to war with Russia

Wiretap: Never mind the Iraq vets, it’s time to war with Russia

The story of a decade of war and those 2.6 million American who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan is even worse than you might expect. According to a poll conducted by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than half “struggle with physical or mental health problems … feel disconnected from civilian and life and believe the government is failing to meet” their needs. More than a million say they suffer from symptoms suggestive of post-traumatic stress and half say they know a service person who has attempted or committed suicide.

A legacy of pain and pride. Via the Washington Post.

The poll:

Jeffrey Toobin writes that the hardest thing about laws to help the poor is getting them started. In bad news for Obamacare opponents, Toobin points out, that hurdle has been cleared. Via the New Yorker.

The voting limitations that have been passed into law in many states controlled by Republicans come into play in November. What will they mean in the swing states? Via the New York Times.

But they may not come into play in North Carolina, where Republicans last year passed the most dramatic voter suppression bill in the country and have resisted turning over communications that shaped the bill to a federal court. But now U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Joi Elizabeth Peake has ordered the lawmakers to turn over their emails and the plaintiffs in the case may ask the judge to grant a preliminary injunction so none of the laws provisions take effect before Election Day this November. Via Brad Blog.

Democratic activists have unearthed a few examples of “birther” talk from Bob Beauprez. That probably doesn’t surprise a lot of people who have followed the Beauprez’ talk-radio life. What may be surprising is the timing — during the Republican gubernatorial primary race. Via FoxNews 31.

Despite what you may have seen or heard, the tragic Washington mudslide was foretold, writes Timothy Egan. Via the New York Times.

We’ve got the whole 1 percent thing all wrong. It’s really about the .1 percent vs. the 99.9 percent (or maybe just the .01 percent vs. the 99.99 percent). Via the Atlantic.

Republicans have caught on to the idea that they must appeal to the working person. They are working on the talk. Is there any walk? Via E.J. Dionne at the Washington Post.

The hashtag campaign to “cancel” Colbert is, of course, absurd, but it is not without its point about race, liberals and assumptions about both. Via the New Yorker.

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