Wiretap: Georgia’s ‘guns everywhere’ public-safety experiment

Wiretap: Georgia’s ‘guns everywhere’ public-safety experiment

If you think the moderate gun control laws passed in Colorado are too radical, there’s hope for you. You can move to Georgia, where the governor just signed the guns-pretty-much-everywhere bill, which greatly expands the places you can carry concealed weapons in the state. Some parts of the bill seem to be there just to show that they can be — like making it legal to carry in certain parts of the airport, presumably in the parts where it’s OK to bring bottled water. Via the New York Times.

David Frum says affirmative action no longer works because the nation is divided in much different ways that it was 50 years ago. Via the Atlantic.

You think there’s any way Democrats can win in November? The only way is to hang on to the base and win over the swing votes. E.J. Dionne thinks he knows how. Via the Washington Post.

Bob Dole says the GOP has moved much farther to the right than it was in his day. And Chris Cillizza says he’s exactly right. Via the Washington Post.

Maureen Dowd on Pope John Paul II – a saint, he ain’t. Via the New York Times.

Two views on “Capital in the 21st Century”: Robert Solow argues in the New Republic that author Thomas Piketty has it right. In the Federalist, Ben Domenech has his own way of looking at it — he says income inequality doesn’t matter, that it’s fine because democracy has thrived in “the past three centuries” and because trickle-down works. That’s what he says, even though the book isn’t about “income inequality” but about the inequality in capital earnings compared to labor or salary earnings and also about the variation in the health of democratic society within the past three centuries and the recent trend downward into unhealthy territory. Domenech: “Admittedly, I haven’t read all of Piketty’s book yet, but from excerpts and interviews…”

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