Wiretap: Will crashing markets hit U.S. economy?

…and more news coming home around the world

Wiretap: Will crashing markets hit U.S. economy?

Homeward bound

Now that the market has gotten hammered, the experts are saying (of course) that the evidence of an end to the bull market was there for all to see. Now the question is whether the bad news in the markets will apply to the U.S. economy. Via The New York Times.

Troubled times

What does trouble in the market mean for Hillary Clinton? Here’s the obvious guess: Nothing good. Via Politico.

Go free

Ferguson, Mo., municipal judge cancels all warrants issued before Dec. 31, 2014. According to court officials, that amounts to nearly 10,000 warrants. Via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Biden vs. Clinton?

Michael Tomasky imagines in the Daily Beast what it would be like if Joe Biden did get in the race against Hillary Clinton and did announce that Elizabeth Warren would be his running mate. Tomasky writes: It would get real ugly real fast.

Donald days

Another day in the life of the Donald. He continues his Twitter war with Megyn Kelly and Fox. He kicks TV’s most influential reporter out of a news conference – and later invites him back in. A Trump focus group leaves GOP pollster Frank Luntz with wobbly knees.

Slurred speech

How did Jeb Bush — in trying to defend his use of the term “anchor babies” — end up offending some from yet another minority group? Via Vox.

Off course

And now it’s a wine train in Napa Valley that has to apologize to the black women’s book group. Via The Washington Post.

Shutdown looming

House Republican leaders are still trying to figure out how to avoid a shutdown over Planned Parenthood. Via Politico.

Teen angst

Every teen’s parent should read this, not that it would do any good: Why teen-agers are the worst. Via The New Yorker.


Photo credit: Perpetual Tourist, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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