Wiretap: How the Founding Fathers protected Muslim rights

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Wiretap: How the Founding Fathers protected Muslim rights

Guarding Muslims

The fascinating history of how Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers made certain to protect the religious rights of Muslims. It might be an interesting read for the Donald. Via The Washington Post.

All eyes

In Freddie Gray’s Baltimore neighborhood, they’re watching the police trial very carefully. Via The New York Times.

Police reform

It’s not just Baltimore. People across the country are reacting to deaths at the hands of the police with demands for reform. Via The Washington Post.

Changing history

It took two weeks of debating by representatives from 195 countries to pass a climate agreement, but it was six years ago — when no one agreed to anything — that it all began. Via The New York Times.


Barack Obama won a game of chess in Paris. And in doing so, Jim Fallows thinks he has the answer to the question of whether the president’s a chess master or a pawn. Via The Atlantic.

Cruz ahead

As you may have noticed, Ted Cruz is suddenly in the lead in the Iowa polls. Donald Trump has definitely noticed. Via The Des Moines Register.

Number cruncher

The secret to Cruz’s success: Psychological data and analytics. In other words, it’s knowing whether a potential voter is a “relaxed leader” or “stoic traditionalist.” Seriously. Via The Washington Post.

Lost son

P.J. O’Rourke: Making the case, sort of, for Marco Rubio. Or Bill Clinton’s long-lost son. Via The Daily Beast.

Poisonous reputation

Can Chipotle recover from food poisoning? The problem is the same things that made Chipotle such a success seem to be standing in the way of a quick turnaround. Via The New Yorker.

Armed heroes

How good is a good guy with a gun at a mass shooting? It’s a question that’s being debated across the country, so naturally “The Daily Show” set out to find the answer. Via Vox.


Art: Declaration of Independence, John Trumbull 

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