Coulter Reception Netted $0 for Beauprez

You’re a Republican running for governor, it’s the last week of the 1st quarter of election year, and a famous right-wing pundit’s in town — gotta milk that for all it’s worth, right?

If the pundit’s Ann Coulter, maybe not.

But I guess you can’t blame the Beauprez campaign for trying. Back on March 28, when Coulter brought her one-woman standup routine to the Paramount Theater in Denver, she hadn’t quite completed her transition from leggy pundit/author to radioactive slime. So a pre-show meet-greet with the 9/11 Widow Watchdog might still have seemed like a reasonable idea. . . . .

“We found out the hard way,” says former Beauprez for Gov campaign chief Steve Truebner, “that Ann Coulter is not a major draw for donors.”

Nary a one showed up, according to Truebner, leaving Ms. Coulter and Mrs. Beauprez — the candidate himself was in D.C., working his day job — to hobnob in the Paramount’s 2d-floor lobby with about a dozen earnest but penniless campaign volunteers, plus some KOA listeners who’d won free tickets to the Coulter show from the station and just happened to be in the vicinity.

Smiles were flashed, photos were taken, and cheese/crackers were eaten, just like at a real campaign event. The only things missing were the $1,000 checks.

“It turned out to be an interesting evening for the volunteers, a way to reward them,” says Truebner, who’d already left the campaign by then but sponsored the event as a donor.

And the reward for the Beauprez campaign? An object lesson in the perils of pundit piggybackery.

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