Re-Elect This Mayor Or Get Pistol-Whipped

Chris Barge of the Rocky Mountain News reports that Republican Party Chair Bob Martinez isn’t happy that Michael Schiavo was in Colorado yesterday to raise money for Democrats Peggy Lamm and Angie Paccione. Martinez said it was “shameful” for Lamm to have invited Schiavo to Colorado for a fundraiser, while Lamm fired back that it was the Republican Party’s fault for dragging the Schiavo family into a national debate about the right to be taken off of life support.

But don’t blame Martinez for being worried about an issue like this. After he publicly inserted himself into the Republican gubernatorial primary, calling on Marc Holtzman to quit his campaign after losing at the state convention in May, Martinez was vilified by Republicans who didn’t appreciate his heavy-handedness of the situation. When you add that to the fact that Republican candidates are being outraised by Democrats almost across-the-board, Martinez’s job as Party Chair is on life support. LINK

Later in the day, Schiavo delivered a letter to Rep. Marilyn Musgrave criticizing her for getting involved in his family’s affairs. “Your outspoken and misguided attempts to have Congress overrule the legal courts and overturn the private medical decisions made by my family and my wife, Terri, were entirely inappropriate,” Schiavo wrote in the letter. LINK

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper talked a lot about the environment in his annual State of the City speech yesterday. As George Merritt of The Denver Post reports, Hick’s “Greenprint Denver” plan includes increasing the use of hybrid vehicles, a million new trees, and a 22 percent reduction in water use. “Even if there’s a 2 percent chance that 95 percent of the world’s top climate scientists are right about the dire consequences of global warming, we run the risk of being the first generation in history to leave the next generation a problem for which there is no solution,” said Hickenlooper.

The Denver Post reports what has been an open secret for weeks: President Bush is coming to Denver to raise money for Republican congressional candidate Rick O’Donnell (CD-7). The Post’s Karen Crummy says that Bush will also be conducting some “official business” while he is in town, but the White House won’t say what that business is. Maybe they’re keeping it quiet because Bush wants to go hunting and doesn’t want Dick Cheney to know about it. LINK

The Mortgage Broker Registration program, passed last legislative session in a bill sponsored by Democratic Rep. Val Vigil, requires that thousands of Colorado mortgage brokers get fingerprinted, undergo criminal background checks and register for a new state-run database that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2007

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