Ritter Leads By Five Points

Democratic nominee Bill Ritter leads Republican Bob Beauprez by five points in the latest Governor’s poll from Rasmussen.

Conducted July 10, the last day of the special session, 42% of Coloradans would vote for Ritter, compared to only 37% for Beauprez.

Bill Ritter is also viewed in a better light  then Beauprez, with 53% of Colorardans giving Ritter a “favorable” rating, compared to only 43% for Beauprez.  This poll comes on the heels of Team Ritter announcing $121,000 raised in the first two weeks of July, bringing their total funds raised over $2 Million.

This campaign season is going to get ugly.  Favorability numbers are a hard thing to increase, and with Beauprez already sitting at 43%, expect the Republicans to employ the tactic Karl Rove did against John Kerry: slime, slime, and more slime.  The Republicans will want to get Ritter’s favorables down, and his negatives up, so voters equally dislike both candidates.

Other poll numbers bode well for Democrats, as they seek to hold the State House and State Senate, and oust Republicans from Congressional seats.  When asked generically who they would support for our next President, 41% said a Democrat, compared to 35% for the GOP.