Democrat Bill Ritter continues to lead Republican Bob Beauprez in the race for Colorado governor, according to a new poll released by The Denver Post. If the election for governor were held today, the poll shows that Ritter would get 42% of the vote with Beauprez picking up 35% (another 23% are undecided). Perhaps most significantly, favorable vs. unfavorable ratings show that 22% of voters view Beauprez unfavorably, while only 8% view Ritter unfavorably.

Not all the news was good for Ritter, however. Almost 73% of voters would apparently choose Beauprez as the next American Idol. LINK

Stem cell research is once again the big topic on Capitol Hill this week, with the Senate scheduled to vote soon on Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette’s bill to loosen restrictions on embryonic stem cell research (President Bush has promised to veto the bill if passed). LINK
Colorado Lib is urging Coloradoans to call Senators Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar to urge them to vote for DeGette’s legislation. LINK

The Denver Post has been poll-happy lately. On Sunday, the Post reported on a poll that they says shows illegal immigration to be the number one most important issue for voters in Colorado. About 39% of voters said that illegal immigration was the most important issue facing Colorado today, far more than the 15% who said that the economy was the most important issue. The poll also showed that voters think Democratic leaders handled the special session on illegal immigration much better than Republicans. LINKDemocratic Rep. John Salazar continues to lead challenger Scott Tipton in fundraising. Salazar, finishing his first-term representing congressional district three (Western Slope), has $1.2 million in the bank compared to $343,000 for Tipton. LINK (registration required)

Federal Heights Mayor Dale Sparks is defending himself against allegations that he interfered with an undercover police investigation into a strip club where he also worked as a doorman. There’s talk, unsurprisingly, of a recall election, but here’s what the Gravy wants to know: He’s the city’s mayor, and the best job he could get at the strip club was as a doorman?

Curiously enough, Sparks may not even be the shadiest mayor in Colorado. Last week we pointed to Black Hawk mayor David Spellman, whose colorful past includes pleading guilty to felony menacing and third-degree assault charges for pistol-whipping his wife. LINK

Beer magnate and former U.S. Senate candidate Pete Coors had his driver’s license revoked for driving under the influence. Coors will be arraigned on July 20. LINK

People were mooing and booing each other in Colorado Springs yesterday during the PrideFest parade. The “moos” come from an ad campaign being run by gay rights groups that features a mooing puppy