Ken Gordon Does Daily Kos

Colorado Secretary of State candidate Ken Gordon, long known for his throughtful e-mail missives to constituents, continued a netroots driven campaign that began with a flashy podcast, with a Daily Kos diary posted today presenting his campaign to the blogosphere.  His post begins:

My name is Ken Gordon, and I am the State Senate Majority Leader here in Colorado.

I am also the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State.

I have dedicated much of my life in public service in preserving our democracy.

Colorado Democrats are at the cutting edge of netroots oriented politicians.  Almost the entire Democratic party ticket for Congress is attacting national attention.

Fifth Congressional District candidate Jay Fawcett has made a personal appeal to the Daily Kos audience, as did Bill Winter who is running for the Sixth Congressional District.  Both men have also been central in a national netroots efford to develop the notion of “Fighting Dems” as a national theme in the 2006 Congressional elections.

Jay Fawcett is an Act Blue Netroots endorsed candidate.

Michael Shiavo’s visit to Colorado where he campaigned for Angie Paccione against Republican Marilyn Musgrave in the Fourth Congressional District and Peggy Lamm in the open Seventh Congressional District, also attracted a great deal of attention in the blogosphere.

Seventh Congressional District Democratic candidates Herb Rubenstein and Peggy Lamm have both advertised at the popular Colorado political site Colorado Pols.  Many candidates and incumbent politicians have also consented to online Q&A sessions at Colorado Pols including, both incumbent U.S. Senators from Colorado, both the Democratic and Republican nominees in the current Governor’s race in Colorado, the incumbent state attorney general, several of candidates in the Governor’s race who didn’t make it to the finish line including Marc Holtzman and Rutt Bridges, incumbent members of Congress Diana DeGette, Mark Udall, and Tom Tancredo, and Republican Secretary of State candidate Mike Coffman.

Colorado progressive political blog Square State has also been instrumental in getting out the word about internet oriented Colorado candidates.

These candidates join 2004 Presidential candidates Wes Clark and Howard Dean in devoting serious attention to the political power of the internet.