Penry Fails to Look Before Shooting

Seems like Gov. Bill Owens took exception to Rep. John Penry’s (R-Mesa) negative shot to the governor last week. (Scroll below to find “Rep. Penry (R-Mesa) criticizes governor for bending to Democrats”) Owens defends his actions in today’s “Letters to the Editor” in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. (Owens letter)

Last week, Penry had claimed that Gov. Owens’ opinion on Colorado passing the toughest immigration laws in the nation, was “rhetoric.” Owens’s letter notes that Republican leaders in both state houses and Congressman Tom Tancredo supported the special session immigration legislation.

Plus, the president of the Americans for Immigration Reform sent the governor a letter confirming that Colorado’s immigration bills were “significantly stronger than any passed any where else in the country to date,” according to Gov. Owens.

Penry is in a very tight primary contest for Senate 7 against former Rep. Matt Smith, so he must be positioning himself to be a remarkably different Republican from his competitor.

Putting the highest ranking elected Republican on the defense may not be considered the greatest offense, however. Gunning for governor might have just blasted Penry off the general ballot.

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