Montana TABOR Update: “Deliberate Assault”

A quick update from the TABOR battle in Montana:

In court actions filed Tuesday, Attorney Jonathan Motl accused that state’s TABOR proponents of “the most extensive, consistent and deliberate assault on Montana’s initiative process witnessed to date.” Montanans in Action (MIA), you’ll recall, is the organization (so-called) behind CI-97, a TABOR-like spending-cap initiative. Reports the Billings Gazette:

Motl said Tuesday the four groups supplying money for the initiative campaigns are violating numerous money-reporting laws, and that one of the groups-Montanans in Action-appears to be an illegal financial front for an out-of-state organization behind all three measures.

Montanans in Action has routed nearly $650,000 to the three ballot initiative committees but won’t reveal its source of money.

Most of the money has been paid to professional signature-gatherers, who solicited signatures of registered Montana voters to attempt to place the measures on the November ballot.

The Gazette also reports that CI-97 will likely gain ballot certification tomorrow. So unless Motl’s action or another legal challenge is successful, mark down Montana as an important battleground for this November.

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