Check Fiasco Leaves Traylor On Fence

Republican Kiki Traylor is trying to have it “both ways” when it comes to supporting public education in Jefferson County, says Paula Noonan, the Democratic candidate for south Denver’s Senate District 22.

“You have to know what you stand for and we’re not seeing that here”, said Noonan’s campaign manager, Lois Florkey.Traylor has come under fire from her Republican primary opponent Mike Kopp for failing to report a $1,000 contribution from the Colorado Education Association (CEA), as reported in today’s Rocky Mountain News.

The complaint, filled by Cindy Loveland on behalf of Kopp, is an attempt to undermine Traylor’s conservative credentials.  Traylor has said she supports school vouchers, a claim Lovland thinks dubious since Traylor accepted money from the CEA (which strongly opposes vouchers).

“She knows disclosing the contribution from the teachers’ union could hurt her chances of winning this primary election,” Loveland is quoted in the Rocky.

Traylor claims she tore up the donation from the CEA, and has refused their endorsement.

Traylor is former State Senator Norma Anderson’s handpicked heir for this heavily Republican district, and is seen as more moderate then her two Republican primary opponents.  However, to get past the GOP primary she has to appeal to the conservative GOP base. 

This has left Traylor in a “pinch” said Noonan.  “[Traylor] is trying to say ‘I support public education, but I want vouchers too'”.

The voter registration breakdown for Senate District 22 is 43% Republican, 25% Democrat, 32% Unaffiliated.  Click here to see a map of Senate District 22