Colorado Doesn’t Like Bush: 60-38

According to Survey USA (in a survey sponsored by Denver TV station KUSA), 38% of Coloradans, polled three days before the President arrived in the state today, approve of President Bush’s performance, while 60% disapprove.  This is very close to the weighted national average result in which 37% approve and 60% disapprove of President Bush, and is a slight improvement from his all time low in the state in April of  this year when 36% approved and 62% disapproved of the President.

Despite the potential drag of an unpopular President, Rick O’Donnell, the GOP candidate in the 7th Congressional District in Colorado, joined Bush for a fund raiser in the affluent Southern Denver Metropolitan area suburb of Cherry Hills, Colorado today, while Democrats protested at a church nearby.The Colorado sample size was 600 people polled, implying a margin of error due to sampling variation of roughly +/- 4%.  The margin of error in the weighted national average is roughly +/- 1.33%.