More Missing Traylor Donations?

Kiki Traylor, a Republican candidate for Senate District 22, tore up a $1,000 donation to her campaign from the Colorado Education Association and that’s why it did not show up in her campaign finance reporting.

A quick glance at Colorado Secretary of State’s Campaign Finance website reveals the $1,000 check might not be Traylor’s only episode of ripping up checks.
  Traylor received a $2,000 contribution from the Jefferson County Education Association’s Small Donor Committee on June 14, 2006.

The JCEA’s $2,000 check does not show up in Traylor’s filing with the Secretary of State for this time period, nor does the JCEA report any “returned contribution” for the amount in question.

Failure to report the $1,000 CEA contribution is what brought this whole check fiasco to light, and now it seems another $2,000 from a teacher’s union is unaccounted for.

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