Auction Money Steered to Child, Scholarship

Eighty-percent of money raised at National Western Stock Show Junior Auctions goes to the child who raised the animal, said Kati Anderson, the event’s media contact.  The other twenty percent is donated to the National Western Scholarship Fund.

These questions come after Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a Tennessee-based private prison firm operating four prisons in Colorado, purchased a steer raised by Nick Beauprez, the nephew of Republican candidate for Governor Bob Beauprez.Beauprez has received over $15,000 in individual and PAC contributions to his congressional and gubernatorial campaigns from executives within CCA.

The steer was auctioned for $8,000.

Three other names were listed on the purchase of the Beauprez steer, listed as “Colorado Senate, Denver, CO”, “Intermountain Corporate Affairs, Denver, CO” and “Margolis Financial, Glendale, CO”. 

One tiny correction.  The headline of my first entry said Beauprez “Bull”.  As Anderson explained, the animal was a steer because it was a “castrated male”.

And for the fate of the Beauprez steer in question?

“It was harvested,” Anderson said.

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