Dems, Dems Everywhere

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) arrived in Denver over the weekend to discuss how to get more Democrats elected nationally. Big name Democrats, many of whom are likely Presidential candidates, are discussing a variety of issues at the Hyatt Regency in Denver. Sens. Hillary Clinton, Ken Salazar, Evan Bayh (Indiana) and Tom Carper (Delaware) are scheduled to speak today, along with Govs. Bill Richardson (New Mexico), Tom Vilsack (Iowa), Janet Napolitano (Arizona) and Chris Gregoire (Washington). Colorado Rep. Mark Udall is also expected to speak today. The Denver Post provides a little more background on the DLC.

Colorado Confidential’s Leslie Robinson has been covering the DLC meetings.

Colorado Media Matters is going public today with a slick new Web site. Colorado Media Matters is similar to the national Media Matters, but with an obvious focus on Colorado. For those of you unfamiliar with Media Matters, the idea is to track the media