DLC Members Mull Presidential Candidates

Bill Clinton may have been the darling of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in his run for president, but his wife, Hillary isn’t fairing as well with some DLC members. An informal and unscientific survey of a few attendees of the DLC “National Conversation” in Denver revealed that Senator Hillary Clinton is not their “slam dunk” presidential candidate.“Hillary Clinton may get voters to the polls,” said one Midwestern DLC member, “The Republican voters,” he warned. “She could polarize the opposition.”

“I like Governor Schweitzer in Montana because his no-nonsense approach to government,” mentioned a southern state resident. “He could be very appealing to voters in 2008—and he doesn’t look awkward in a hunting vest and gun,” he said, referring to John Kerry’s contrived hunting pose during the 2004 election.

His fellow Southern counterpart noted, showing a newly conducted poll in South Carolina, that John Edwards is polling ahead of Hillary Clinton. “This means Hillary will not walk into the Democratic nomination,” he said.

A New England state legislator thought differently about Hillary Clinton. “I saw Hillary work the Republican conservative areas in upper New York,” he shared, “And she broke down their resistance with her diligent campaign work.” The legislator felt she wasn’t deserving of the stigma of agitating Republican voters. “I think she could win them over just like she did in New York,” he predicted.

With global warming as a potential campaign issue in the 2008 election, one DLC member from Washington DC said she thought Al Gore could be drafted into the 2008 presidential race. “I wouldn’t count him out no matter what he is saying today,” she emphasized.

Today, Sen. Hillary Clinton will be speaking before the DLC session in Denver. If Hillary Clinton is as politically savvy as her supporters and detractors say, probably she knows that she has some minds to change.

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