Learning and Guns Go Together

Imagine this: students storing guns in their dorm rooms, taking them to class, stowing them in their backpacks when they go to a big game at Folsom Field at UC Boulder. Professors packing heat as they declaim on the Emily Dickinson or supply and demand curves or World War II. 

Here in the wild west, in the very same state that brought us the 1999 Columbine tragedy, in which students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 students and a teacher; the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition (PPFC) is asking candidates for public office whether they “support prohibiting law abiding concealed carry permit holders from carrying concealed [weapons] within public schools or on school grounds.”

And many of the candidates are saying that carrying concealed weapons on campus is just fine.

“A person with a permit should be allowed to carry their [sic] weapon essentially without regard to place or situation.” says Republican Brian Davidson, who is running for an at-large seat for the Colorado University Regents. PPFC was happy to endorse him.Other candidates who’ve told the PPFC that concealed weapons on campus is a good idea include: Republican Jeff Crank, running in the 5th Congressional District; Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez; Republican David Schultheis, running for State Senate 9 (“I absolutely agree to allowing [concealed weapon permit] holders access!”); Republican Bill Cadman, running for State House 15; and Republican Marsha Looper, running for State House 19.

Republican Larry Liston, candidate for State House 16, confusingly writes that he’s against a prohibiting concealed weapons on school grounds because “Without some protection, schools can and will be a magnate [sic] for malcontents wanting to “hurt” unarmed kids and teachers.” Yes, somehow having all those concealed weapons around will make everybody safer.

Only Republican Attorney Candidate John Suthers manages to wrangle a PPFC endorsement while wriggling a bit on the question. “I believe conceal carry on public property such as schools or courthouses should be a matter of legislative determination,” he writes.

And of course that all depends on who gets elected.

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