While it was revealed last week that Congressman Tom Tancredo had taken $3,000 from a man accused of being connected with various hate groups, it would appear that it was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Throughout the last six years a number of white supremacists have given money to the Tancredo campaign. Some were involved in the Council of Conservative Citizens, some are advocates of white eugenics, and others are accused of assaulting Mexicans.

Today this portion will focus on one man: Joe McCutchen. According to FEC records, McCutchen gave $250 in 2002, and $250 dollars in 2004.

While there are many reports on McCutchen and his being a member of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens–there is also a letter written by McCutchen to the Southwest Times Record stating:

Duped again! Weapons of Mass Delusion. Who orchestrated Bush’s illegal Iraqi war? Official reports indicate that 25 Zionists were the architects. Examination of Bush’s predominately neo-con Jewish/Zionist inner circle reveals all advocate continuing illegal preemptive strikes against Middle-Eastern countries.

A partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Ari Fleischer, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Chertoff, Elliot Abrams, Michael Ladeen, David Wurmser, Lewis Libby and Karl Rove’ a combination of dual-citizenships, Israel-Firsters, or offspring of Trotskyists. These men all hold strategic positions in the federal government. Cover for the aforementioned is supplied by Falwell/Robertson fundamentalists.

Jewish media control, i.e. Viacom, CBS, MTV, ABC, Clear Channels, Turner Broadcasting, Warner Bros., Sony, Disney, coupled with goodly numbers of Jewish editorialists, print and spoken, guarantees a Jewish/Israeli slant.

House records show that Tancredo has a history of supporting Israel and its existence.

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