More Flak for Traylor

Two Republicans filed a formal complaint with the Secretary of State alleging campaign finance law violations by Kiki Traylor, Republican primary candidate for Senate District 22, reports today’s Denver Post

Filed by Don Lee and Rob Fairbank, the complaint deals with Traylor’s failure to report a $2,000 donation check from the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA), as revealed by Colorado Confidential last week.

This is the second check from a teacher’s union Traylor failed to report.Early last week, another complaint was filed by Cindy Loveland on behalf of Mike Kopp, one of Traylor’s primary opponents, for Traylor failing to report a $1,000 donation she received from the Colorado Education Association (CEA).

Traylor claims she tore up the CEA check and didn’t deposit the one from the JCEA.

In this highly Republican district, showing support for a teacher’s union is seen as a vulnerability.

The voter registration breakdown for Senate District 22 is 43% Republican, 25% Democrat, 32% Unaffiliated.  Click here to see a map of Senate District 22

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