Traylor Complaint Filed by GOP Operative

Rob Fairbank filed a complaint against Kiki Traylor for failing to report two contributions totaling $3,000 from teacher unions in her bid to win the Senate District 22 GOP primary.

But Fairbank isn’t your typical “Joe Citizen”.  This is how he describes himself on his blog:

Rob Fairbank is a founding partner of Politically Direct, a Denver, Colorado based political consulting firm. A former member of the Colorado House of Representatives, Rob was the House Majority Caucus Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the House Finance Committee. Rob is the former Political Director of the Colorado Republican Party

Politically Direct, is a direct-mail and phone-banking firm located in Denver.  The website touts work the firm has down for many Republicans, including current Secretary of State candidate Mike Coffman and current Representative Greg Brophy.  A mailer for an event featuring gambling aficionado Bill Benson is also prominently featured.

Politically Direct was also on the receiving end of a $70,000 contract from Defend Colorado Now, the group who’s ballot measure was deemed unconstitutional earlier this summer, leading to Bill Owens calling the Special Session.

Fairbank has been a part of the political mudslinging around the Republican primary in Congressional District 5.  As reported in the May 11, 2006 edition of the Rocky Mountain News, Fairbanks accused Doug Lamborn of plagiarizing GOP position statements on his website.  Lamborn later removed all the statements in question from his web site.

Fairbank was also instrumental in trumping up “ethics complaints” against Democrats in the 2006 Legislative session, hounding House Majority Leader Alice Madden and Dem Rep. Tom Plant.

In 2003 and 2004, Fairbank was listed as a board officer for the Center for the New American Century (CNAC), a think tank formed by Gov. Bill Owens after his 2002 re-election campaign.  CNAC was seen by many as an exploratory group for Owens’ possible presidential run.

With all his connections to the power players in Colorado’s GOP, Fairbank’s complaint against Kiki Traylor quickly turns from a case of the concerned citizen to that of a partisan stunt. 

And it makes one wonder: What did Traylor do to get on the wrong side of the some of the Colorado GOP’s heaviest hitters?

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