UPDATED: Sen. Allard: Dead Last in Senate Approval Rating

As if being dubbed “Dullard” by Time magazine last spring in Wayne Allard: The Invisible Man wasn’t enough of an insult, Survey USA and 9News/KUSA-TV released a new poll yesterday listing Approval Ratings for All 100 U.S. Senators as of 07/25/06.

Our man, Wayne Allard, came in dead last. The Time story noted:

In a Senate full of ambitious members, Colorado Republican Wayne Allard is so bland that his critics have dubbed him “Dullard.” Now in his 10th year, Allard almost never plays a role in major legislation, even though he’s on two key Senate committees, Budget and Appropriations. The veterinarian rarely speaks on the floor or holds press conferences to push his ideas. Few of the bills he has introduced over the past year have passed; in fact, since Colorado Democrat Ken Salazar entered the Senate last year, Salazar’s legislative output has dwarfed Allard’s, even though Allard has the advantages of seniority and of being a Republican in a G.O.P.-dominated Congress.

According to the Survey USA poll, our senior senator hasn’t fared well at all with the voters [click the image for a larger view]:

In fact, he’s never broken the 51 percent approval barrier. The latest survey results point to a precipitous 10-point drop since the last poll conducted a month ago. Sen. Allard’s current 48 percent disapproval rating is the highest recorded since May 2005.

While his colleagues may consider him an affable enough fellow, is Colorado receiving its fair share of representation and strong advocacy for state issues when our senior senator has so little political influence and so little regard in the public domain?

UPDATED: According to Media Matters, Colorado Confidential broke this story ahead of 9News/KUSA-TV which failed to cover the poll even though the station is the local media sponsor for Survey USA. More here.

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