New 527 on the Air

Pat Stryker and Rutt Bridges are teaming up again, this time creating a new 527 to combat the relentless barrage of misinformation and half-truths being slung by the GOP 527s.

The name of the group: Rocky Mountain Horizons.  They’ll be releasing statewide radios ads Saturday.  The Trailhead Group, the well-funded 527 started by GOP big-wigs Bill Owens and Pete Coors, has been on the radio for weeks saying Ritter is “soft on crime“.

The point: “Too many people don’t know who Bill Ritter is, and he has a great story to tell,” Bridges said in today’s Denver Post
Contrary to her name, Post reporter Karen Crummy gives a good run down of the amount of money being thrown around to these 527s.

Trailhead has received $1.77 Million, most recently a $500,000 contribution from the Republican Governor’s Association.  Pete Coors has given $200,000 to the group.

Stryker is reported to have given at least $257,000 so far this cycle.

Tim Gill has given at least $113,000, not to mention his foundations support of the Born Different campaign in Colorado Springs.