More Costs, Confusion Surround Immigration Bills

State and local agencies are dealing with mass confusion surrounding the implementation of House Bill 1023, the cornerstone legislation produced from Special Session earlier this month, reports the Rocky Mountain News today.

Not only are state universities scrambling to figure out how to screen students when the apply for financial aid, the Rocky reports even Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies doesn’t know if it falls under the jurisdiction of HB 1023.  The Department is responsible for regulating over 600,000 professional licenses in the state.

Adding more confusion is the overlapping of the 15 bills related to immigration law enforcement passed since the beginning of the year. 

Though the State’s Fiscal Impact  (pdf) report claimed costs associated with the implementation of the bill would be minimal, it’s hard to imagine that possible when you read paragraphs like this:

Hundreds of government officials and their lawyers have attended numerous meetings during the past three weeks to try to analyze the law.

When was the last time meeting with a lawyer was free?

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