CD-7 Dem Primary Enters Final Stretch

With a little more than a week left until Democrats in Congressional District 7 head to the polls, the battle for their primary votes is intensifying.

First, former State Senator Ed Perlmutter announced the endorsement of Mark Udall, Democrat representing Colorado’s second Congressional District in a news conference today.  Billed as a “rare, pre-primary endorsement“, the support from Udall is not seen as a surprise, since Udall’s chief of staff, Alan Salazar, has been one of Perlmutter’s top advisors since the beginning of the campaign.While Perlmutter’s campaign has been able to collect over $1 Million so far, this past weekend saw Perlmutter do a personal campaign loan totaling $60,000.  I’m not going to assume why a campaign would need the sudden influx of cash when it’s already collected 10 times as much, however, none of the reasons I imagine seem good for Team Perlmutter.

The biggest development today is a new TV ad being run by Peggy Lamm.  The ad, her second of the primary campaign, brings to light Perlmutter’s 2001 vote on a bill that would have eliminated the statute of limitations in Colorado on sexual assault cases.  Perlmutter voted not to extend the statute, joining only 2 other legislators out of 100 on the bill which eventually became law.

Lamm’s campaign called the vote “indefensible”.

All three candidates are on the airwaves now.  With the clock running out, expect more and more action this week as August 8 draws near.