Trouble for Trailhead

Robo calls unleashed during the Special Session earlier this month by the Republican financed 527 Trailhead Group violated Colorado election law, says Colorado Common Cause in today’s Denver Post
“Because Trailhead engaged in ‘lobbying’ as defined in Colorado law, they are required to register as lobbyists and follow the disclosure requirements.  Failure to do so is a violation of state law,” wrote  associate director of Colorado Common Cause Jenny Flanagan, in a letter to the Secretary of State.

Trailhead Group has a notoriety for finding itself in the news, most recently with a $500,000 contribution from the Republican Governor’s Association, to act as compensation for GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez’s recent lack luster fundraising performance and being behind in the polls.

Trailhead Group has raised $1.6 Million so far, according to it’s last quarterly filing.  This total includes at at least $200,000 in donations from beer baron and failed Senate candidate Pete Coors.  Bill Owens helped start the group.

This isn’t the only time Trailhead’s activities have raised legal questions.  As the Colorado Springs Independent reported last March, Democrat Mike Merrifield was “mad as hell” at a batch of robo calls Trailhead launched against one of the only elected Democrats in El Paso County.

Though Secretary of State Gigi Dennis is an Owens’ appointee, she assures Colorado Common Cause that she will do her job:

“Secretary Dennis took an oath that she would uphold the constitution and the laws of the state,” [Dana Williams, spokeswoman for Dennis] said. “Regardless of her appointment by the governor, she will follow the laws and the constitution and do her duty as secretary of state.”

We’ll just have to see about that.