Beauprez Can’t Find Energy to Debate Ritter

Sometimes getting two gubernatorial candidates to agree on a debate date can be a lot like herding cats, as Aron Diaz, executive director of the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado, is finding out. Diaz is trying to set up a mutually agreed time when Republican candidate Bob Beauprez and Democrat Bill Ritter can discuss the oil and gas issue in Northwest Colorado.“Beauprez’s campaign will give me a date and by the time I confirm it with Ritter, Beauprez has scheduled something else,” explained Diaz. “All I want is the opportunity for citizens in Northwest Colorado to hear from the two candidates about oil and gas development,” he asserted.

Doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen soon. Ritter’s campaign has said “anytime” during the first two weeks in October while Beauprez’s camp now won’t commit.

Beauprez seems to be already coming up short when it comes to having an energy policy. There’s no mention of it on his campaign site–an absence noted by western Republicans. On the other hand, Ritter does.

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