Christian Coalition Gives GOP Headaches

Claims made against Republican primary candidates by the Christian Coalition of Colorado are running the gambit from half-truths to “flat-out lies”, reports the Rocky Mountain News.

The “flat-out lies” quote comes from none other than Kiki Traylor, a Republican candidate for Senate District 22.  As covered by Colorado Confidential, Traylor has been under assault from Mike Kopp supporters for failing to report $3,000 worth of PAC contributions from teachers unions.

Dale Hall, a Republican candidate for the State Senate, is feeling the pinch as well.  Already radio ads and direct mailings have distorted and twisted his conservative record on GOP favorite issues like guns and abortion. 

The Christian Coalition of Colorado said Hall sides with the “the gun-hating Denver liberals” even though he’s received an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association.

All this neglect for the truth leads Kati Atkinson, a Republican political consultant, to say “the Christian Coalition seems to forget that commandment about bearing false witness. Apparently, that commandment doesn’t count during an election year.”

You can visit the Christian Coalition of Colorado to check things out yourself.  You’ll notice a link to the “Truth about CD-5” where you can see Christian Compassion and caring coming through.

They attack two candidates: Lionel Rivera and Jeff Crank.  Why?  Because both Rivera and Crank don’t hate gay people enough.

For Example, on Lionel Rivera:

As mayor of Colorado Springs, Lionel Rivera has had a checkered history in defending the family.  Some days were good, some bad.  One day in particular was horrendous.

FACT: Mayor Rivera signed a proclamation officially endorsing “Pride Fest” week in Colorado Springs.  This homosexual and transsexual festival, pushed in every major city in the country, is the most public backbone of the homosexual lobby.

FACT: Lionel Rivera should never had endorsed this homosexual festival, not even once.

Not quite sure if that second one is a “FACT”, but an opinion.  But, hey, we’re not worrying about the truth are we.

The gay bashing continues with the attacks on Jeff Crank:

FACT: When Jeff Crank was the Senior Vice President and IN CHARGE of the public policy for the Chamber of Commerce, he publicly endorsed a man by the name of Richard Skorman for Colorado Springs City Council…

Richard Skorman is a well known Democrat activist (works for Ken Salazar) and Board Member of the homosexual Gill Foundation.

That’s right: the entire Gill Foundation is gay.

Haven’t had enough?  Well, check out the Innocent Unborn Child Song.  There’s even an MP3.

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