$12,000 of Approval

Following up on Kiki Traylor’s single largest expenditure of over $12,000 to Alison Evans during the last reporting cycle.

A quick Google of the name “Alison Evans” turns up this page from Kiki Traylor’s web site listing almost 50 individual’s “community endorsement” of Kiki for Senate.Here are the first two:

Awesome, leader, intelligent, driven, respected, athlete, giving, bighearted, volunteer, my words to describe Kiki, a woman I highly respect and admire.
Kim Crawford

As a Bible believing Christian, I am proud to give Senator Kiki Traylor my full endorsement.  In the 10 years I’ve known her; I have found her to be a woman of the highest standards and character.  In all her dealings I consistently have seen purity, strong family values and faith, unstoppable energy and positive attitude.  She truly loves her neighbor and is always there selflessly to help anyone who is in need.  I believe she will serve with strong integrity and ethics.
Dawn Hendry

More than half way down the list:

Never have I felt so strongly about a candidate